Wild Tree Tech builds, maintains and operates JupyterHubs and BinderHubs for teachers, data-science teams and the community. We are a Switzerland-based data engineering consultancy that embraces open source software and processes.


Wild Tree Tech is based near Zurich, Switzerland. We deliver high quality engineering for clients all around the world. We have experience with systems used by academics for cutting edge research, as well as public deployments serving 100000 sessions a week.


Wild Tree Tech knows that technology without communication and empathy does not work. Using our training as physicists and experience leading international teams we first analyse the situation before proposing a course of action. We are driven by solving problems that real humans have.

Open Source

Wild Tree Tech lives open source. Not only do we use it to implement our client's projects, we have also created and actively lead some of the most advanced projects in the PyData ecosystem. Including mybinder.org, JupyterHub and BinderHub.

By being part of large, international, and open communities we have a lot of experience managing diverse teams at scale and have insight to the trends of tomorrow.

Using open source products means client projects have a solid foundation, benefit from the development of new ideas, and are not locked in to a particular vendor.

The Team

Wild Tree Tech is owned and operated by Dr. Tim Head. Before creating Wild Tree Tech in 2016 he obtained a doctorate in experimental particle physics and worked at Fermilab, CERN and EPFL. In his free time he trains for triathlons.

Frontend developers, sales experts and machine-learning engineers in Zurich and Berlin are part of the Wild Tree Tech team.

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