Wild Tree Tech offer in-house training for teams. These courses will bring your staff up to speed with modern machine-learning, AI and data engineering techniques. Courses are custom made for each audience, below an example agenda.

Python as a Second Language

Python is the fastest growing programming language in high income countries. This course is a one day introduction to programming in Python for people who are already comfortable in some other language such as Perl or MATLAB. This lesson also introduces you to the Jupyter Notebook.

Duration: 180 minutes

1 — The core language

You will learn about the core of the Python language and how you can leverage the huge range of libraries that come “batteries included”. We will see how to make decisions and repeat operations to control the flow of your program. You will learn to make your code more readable by using functions and how to store data in dictionaries.

Duration: 120 minutes

2 — Statistics and plotting

Many people perform basic statistical analysis in Excel. This module will show you how to do the equivalent using the powerful Pandas library. By using pandas you can save time for repeated tasks and reduce the number of mistakes that creep in. We will look at how to read in data and how to save your results to files in various formats.

Duration: 60 minutes

3 — A question of style

We will close the day by learning about simple techniques for keeping your programs understandable and making them more robust. By adopting some simple style tips you will produce programs that are more robust and that you can still understand when you pick them up again 3 months later. As part of this you will learn about techniques for creating good sanity checks that let you tell if your program is working or not. As well as how to automate them so that you can tell if your program is still working in the future.

Duration: 15 minutes

4 — Closing

Recap of what you learned and pointers to resources to keep learning. Stay afterwards for an informal chat and networking.

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