Wild Tree Tech offers services in three areas: data engineering, Jupyter consulting and in-house technical training. Everything from building AI models, to the infrastructure around those models, as well as customising existing open-source solutions.

Jupyter Consulting

Wild Tree Tech offers consulting services that allow clients to successfully integrate Jupyter technology into their own projects and products.

With years of experience working with data, in science and machine-learning we can plan and review architectures, find and fix performance bottlenecks or help make strategy decisions.

Data Engineering

Wild Tree Tech builds complete data driven products for everyone from small startups to UN organisations. Machine-learning models with all the needed support infrastructure. Our solutions are well architected, based on state of the art tools and easy to maintain or extend by our clients once we have left.

With our engineering team we can design and implement data projects from backend to frontend. By working closely with our clients we deliver solutions that solve actual customer problems.


Wild Tree Tech offers in-house training for organisations that want to grow their AI, machine-learning or data engineering expertise. From introductory workshops on Python and frameworks like scikit-learn, Keras and TensorFlow to advanced classes on deep learning and high performance Python we create customised training sessions that suit the needs of our clients and their teams.

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