Jupyter notebooks are the leading tool for data science. JupyterHub lets you access Jupyter notebooks from anywhere using a web browser. Wild Tree Tech's JupyterHub deployment delivers the team productivity, security, centralized management, metrics, and commercial support that professional data science teams need to operate at scale.

Hub Hero

Fully managed JupyterHubs for workshops, lecture courses and institutions. Wild Tree Tech's Hub Hero provides hosted JupyterHubs for teaching professionals. No matter if your students are professionals, high school or university students. It allows you to start with the content of your course on day one instead of having to get everyone setup first.

On-premise JupyterHubs

A pre-configured JupyterHub for teams that require an on-premise solution. Profit from Wild Tree Tech's experience as a core contributor to JupyterHub's development and our experience operating JupyterHubs at scale.

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