PyData Support

Wild Tree Tech offers commercial support for open-source Python and PyData packages. If you can import it, we support it. We guide your organisation's transition from closed source products to open-source equivalents with staff training and commercial support.


Open-source libraries are at the foundation of the modern software world. In particular for data-science and machine-learning. However projects are often maintained by only a handful of individuals and slow in responding to the needs of business users. This leaves businesses that blindly rely on open-source in a risky position.


Wild Tree Tech loves open source and relies exclusively on it for customer projects. With years of experience in picking reliable open-source solutions we can help your business transition from expensive proprietary solutions to open-source. We also provide training and education in evaluating, using and contributing to open-source projects for your staff. By investing in your staff instead of license fees you build knowledge in your employees and increase their job satisfaction.


Wild Tree Tech is in the business of open-source, so you do not have to be. We provide commercial support for any of the libraries in the scientific Python ecosystem. If you can import it, we support it. We can help select good tools, directly implement your feature requests, train your staff, or put you in touch with the relevant maintainers via a personal introduction.

Our Offer

Wild Tree Tech will help you audit your reliance on open-source projects and help your reduce the risk associated with that dependence by directly working with developers who contribute features to the project you care about. Starting from $50000 we will provide you with upto 50 days of experienced developer effort and a personal point of contact for that library for a year. For details email:

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