Data analysis for social impact

Data science training: going beyond Excel and single purpose tools


In two days participants will learn how to go from messy data to generating automated reports with interactive graphics. The course is highly interactive, hands-on and strictly limited to six participants. It will cover cleaning, analysing and visualising data from the humanitarian data exchange. Check out a preview of the material.

Why take part?

You, your organisation and your stakeholders need a clear and easily understandable view of the vast amount of raw data collected in the humanitarian domain in order to ensure that you correctly recognize priorities, are able to analyse the impact of your activities and the rapidly changing world humanitarian situation. Producing such analyses "by hand" is both costly in manpower and error prone, neither of which are acceptable in this resource challenged field.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Clean and transform data
  • Write small programs in python
  • Setup an integrated analysis environment
  • Create visualisations
  • Automate report generation


  1. Clean and transform data
  2. Introduction to python
  3. Interactive documents with jupyter notebooks
  4. Plotting with
  5. Automatically update reports


The course will take place in Geneva in spring 2016.

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