Wild Tree Tech is fast. Fourty-eight hours fast.

Make48 - prototypes in just 48hrs

Our mission is to change how you see data at your organisation. Remove all the inefficient structures and pointless procedures and together we can explore new possibilities, build working prototypes and gain actionable insight super quick. In just 48 hours.

How it works

You set your team and me a challenge. Then, we spend two days researching and building. Rather than just sitting around talking we meet people, research, brainstorm and test our ideas with small prototypes. At the end you will have more than just a report and some slides, you will have a real prototype that you can use and experiment on. And your team will feel more confident building prototypes to evaluate new technologies and business ideas.


We agree on a time slot that suits everyone and discuss ideas for the challenge. I will travel to your site for the duration of the 48hrs. At the start you present the challenge, together with some of your staff I work on the challenge for exactly 48hrs (two working days). At the end we present the outcomes. Prices available upon request.

Why 48 hours ?

By limiting yourself to 48hrs you reap all the benefits of learning from innovative projects and reduce the risks to a minimum. This is not about rockstar employees pulling all nighters. It is about being methodological and tackling risky and innovative projects within a fixed time frame. I believe incredible results can be achieved in a very short amount of time.

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