Hello Kusma!

Kusma is the central place for sharing your organisation's data driven documents.

Why Kusma?

Sharing across teams

Kusma unifies what data scientists, data engineers, and the business are doing, enabling companies to focus on the actual problems they want to solve.


Notebooks allow you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text. Data scientists love creating them, everyone else enjoys reading them.

Analytics in Python and R

Kusma supports both Python and R. It comes preloaded with state of the art libraries for data cleaning, modelling, machine-learning, and data visualisation.


A central Kusma instance serves notebooks to a class of students, a corporate data science group, or a scientific research group.

Production Ready

Kusma is based on open-source technology used by thousands of people around the world.

Kusma for ...

Data scientists
Build, run, and deploy models faster using the most popular tools and languages, with best practices such as reproducibility and collaboration.
Team leaders
Kusma is the collaboration hub for data science. By centralizing data science work, Kusma makes data science teams more productive, increases collaboration, and lets teams deploy work to the business faster.
Kusma increases communication amongst teams in the business, making organization more productive. Kusma makes it easier to integrate data-science into business processes.


Teams of five or less.

Your own local instance, pre-configured with state-of-the-art tools. Kusma Team is distributed as fully configured, virtual machine image: add computing power and go.

  • on-premise
  • no setup
  • secure
Ondemand scaling.

Cloud hosted, scales on-demand, pre-configured with state of the art tools. For teams with changing needs, or workshops with 100s of participants.

  • customisable
  • strong authentication
  • scalable
Fully customised, at scale.

Hosted on your private cloud, fully customisable. Integrates with existing infrastructure. Unifying data-science and the business teams.

  • fully customised
  • on-premise or private cloud
  • integrated