What is data science?

Gaining a competitive edge by extracting actionable insights from your data sets.

Use the scientific method to explore your data and gain better insights into your business and markets. Use the historical records of your business to learn new facts about it. This allows you to make better decisions about how you run your business. Whether you are going to accelerate growth, increase sales, or make more customers happy: together we can make it happen!


What we can do for you

Wild Tree Tech is a Zurich-based consultancy and open-source shop, with an emphasis on Python and C++. Deploying a mixture of consulting, staff augmentation, and training to level up teams and solve engineering problems.

Data analysis


Do you have data that you would like to explore or analyse? I can provide you with illustrative data reports, robust predictive models, and engaging visualizations to aid your organisation.



If you have a big idea, I can help design your data strategy, pick artificial intelligence components, and then craft your minimum viable product.



Are your team's skills a little rusty? These courses will bring your staff up to speed with modern, open-source data science and software development techniques.

Tim Head

Science, statistics, and triathlon.

Tim is a scientist and tool maker at heart. He believes that better information leads to smarter decisions.

He develops open source software that is used by thousands of businesses and organizations to effectively model and learn about their data. He writes about machine-learning techniques. Before founding Wild Tree Technologies he was a scientist at CERN leading small teams to innovate on pattern reconstruction, allowing CERN to process data at an unprecedented rate.

In his free time Tim trains for triathlons.


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