Expert Data Science Services

My services are available as fixed-price, extendable packages. Should you need a custom solution, get in touch and we will figure out the right way to work together.

60-Minute Consultation Call

Planning your next big startup idea and need technical advice? Don't know how to integrate AI in your product? Need recommendations for your data-science team? Need a second pair of eyes? I am happy to use my years of industry experience to give you an expert opinion. Let's jump on a call! After an email exchange and some research on my part, we will review your current situation and figure out a brief roadmap for solving your problems. After the call you will receive a recording of the call and a written recap of key points and recommendations
A 60-Minute consultation call costs CHF300. Book your call now

Production Readiness Review

Is your machine-learning model not performing as expected in production? Not sure how to improve an existing model? Let me help you figure out why. I will take a deep dive into your infrastructure and compile a detailed document about the issues I find. You can use this report to fix these problems on your own, or hire me to do it for you. This package includes two 60-minute consultation calls: one preliminary call, and another call to review your report.
Performance review currently costs CHF3000. Additional fees apply for larger apps. Get in touch for details

Product Development

Want to get your product idea to market? I can help you build your Minimum Viable Product within a couple of weeks. Together we will figure out the necessary features and a roadmap to bring them to life. Afterwards I will work with you to implement your MVP so you can launch it quickly and get it infront of real users.
Product development costs CHF1280/day and usually takes about 15-20 days. Hire me

Team Tune Up

Your existing team is your most valuable resource. Want to maximise the potential of your team? Want to refresh how they use their data science tools? I am here to help. We will review your entire development workflow, evaluate the strengths of each team member, and put together a roadmap for future improvements. I will embed with your team two days a week, working with them in their day to day work, but also standing back and reviewing. The minimum requirement is a team of 3 people or more.
Team tune ups start at CHF9600/month and usually lasts for 2-3 months. We can also discuss one-off events. Get in touch for details